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Prison Professors

Mar 20, 2018

Today I interviewed Jesse Barnes for our Prison Professors podcast. Jesse’s story was so inspiring that we decided to feature him in two, back-to-back episodes. If you’re struggling with the criminal justice system, or facing a significant length of time, learn from Jesse. His episodes will appear on the podcast numbers 86 and 87. We schedule them for release on March 20 and March 21, 2018.

Why is Jesse’s story so inspiring? 

In episode 1, Jesse tells us about the extreme hardship he experienced while growing up. He was poor. He lived with envy. He developed a mindset that convinced him of what it means to be a man. That vision, for Jesse, meant violence. He carried a gun. He would retaliate with violence if he felt that someone had disrespected him.

That mindset influenced Jesse’s decisions. He broke laws that brought him into the criminal justice system when he was a teenager. By the time he was 18, authorities convicted him of a first-degree murder.

In episode 1, Jesse tells us that he went into prison with a mindset that is remarkably similar to many men in prison. He wanted to build a prison reputation. Those decisions led to a difficult adjustment, but one that is not uncommon in a high security prison.

During his third or fourth year in prison, while serving a lengthy stint in a segregated housing cell, Jesse saw the light—literally. It came through a window that was cut high into the concrete wall. He couldn’t see out of the window. But light came in. That light brought Jesse hope. He believed that he could change his life. That changed mindset led to changed behavior. 

Jesse spent the remainder of his time in prison preparing for success. It wasn’t easy. But he made it happen. And as a result of the decisions he made in prison, Jesse got out of prison after 21 years. 

In episode 2, we learn about Jesse’s success after his release from prison. That wasn’t easy either. Yet Jesse’s journey inside prepared him for success. His paychecks every two weeks now exceed $4,700!

How does that happen? It happens by sowing seeds. Then nurturing those seeds. Listen to the inspiring stories of Prison Professors Podcasts to prepare for your success.